Yuliana Topazly: My experience on the StartUp Tour 2016

After becoming a StartUp Britain champion couple years ago Yuliana really enjoyed meeting entrepreneurs, offering advice, letting them know about other local initiatives they may take advantage of and see them grow.

Yuliana says: ‘Every day is different, following and advising on the StartUp Britain Bus Tour continued this trend. I met a lot of different entrepreneurs from local bakers, fitness instructors, future nursery owners who are really passionate about helping families to those who aspire to change mental health support services. It is very inspiring experience. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of starting a business or may already have an early-stage business to visit the StartUp Britain bus next year and engage with advisers, network with other entrepreneurs and explore support available to them via this great initiative!’

Yuliana’s top tips for starting a business are:

  1. Network, network and network….Networking is a huge free resources available to everyone, do not under estimate the power of networking!
  2. Learn to make quick decisions. I meet a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs who are thinking over and over about what is best for their business. Unfortunately business World is a fast-moving and very competitive environment, if you do not react quickly – you may loose an opportunity to succeed.
  3. Cash is king…no matter what your business is and what your business model is, make sure you have cash in the bank and able to cover working capital.

About Yuliana 

3d9c76aYuliana is a director of My OutSpace Business Centre (www.myoutspace.co.uk), which specialises in supporting female entrepreneurs and BuddyWith (www.buddywith.org.uk), innovative peer to peer support online platform for parents. Yuliana is also listed in the Sunday Times as one of the ‘Top 100 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs in the UK’ 2016.