Top Social Media Tips for Every Business


Understanding your audience is the first thing to do before setting up your social platforms. Where are they most active? What are they interested in? Social is all about community, your audience needs to dictate your decisions; there is no point in investing your time in a social platform if the audience isn’t there to hear what you are saying.

Once you know where they are, how they communicate and what they respond to, you can start asking yourself why they should listen to you and love your brand. This ultimately leads to testing and experimenting with posts, tone of voice and imagery to find out what medium they respond to the most.

Installing a Facebook pixel at an early stage will mean you are able to capture your audience from the very start, this is a great way to build custom audiences within Facebook and tie their activities on your website to any paid social efforts e.g. re-marketing and dynamic product ads.


There are many platforms out there: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin are just a few. There are others like Snapchat  and that appeal to a younger audience. Launching a startup probably means you are juggling a million tasks while getting your head around the ins and outs of business management – the last thing you need to be doing is building a social profile on every single platform.

Do some research and find out where your audience is most likely to exist on social. Also it is great to consider how your brand will look on these platforms. A more visual brand would be better suited to Instagram and a more factual, discussion-based brand may be more at home on a micro-blogging platform such as Twitter.

Social Styling

The look and feel of your social media account can help or hinder the pace of your startup success on social. A beautiful cover photo, simple profile image and relevant description will all make your brand easier to understand at a glance – an accurate amount of time for anyone on social media.
If you are working with more than one platform make sure that they are all styled in the same way and easy to link together, a perfect way to strengthen your brand identity online.

Paid Social

With the right targeting, creativity and message, paid social can be a really cheap way to run a paid media campaign. Paid social is a great way to increase the reach of your offers and campaigns while you are building your audience on social.

Wondering where to start on paid social? Promoting posts on Instagram is a simple three click process and worth experimenting with early on. You can also boost posts on Facebook in the same way, straight from the post on your business page. If you have a bigger budget to spend on social advertising, Facebook has a Business Manager tool, ideal for some more advanced advert targeting.

Audience targeting, ad testing and optimisation on paid social can be a bit of a social art, so you may need some help from an experienced social marketing professional so don’t be afraid to ask!


Setting targets and analysing the results of either organic or paid social media activity is essential. Challenge yourself, tweak your visuals, try new posting techniques and observe the response. If questions perform well, particular filters are popular or posting at a certain time of the day gets a bigger response, then take note and try it again.

Basic Instagram and Facebook advertising offers simple reach, engagement and audience insights in the reporting. Facebook Business Manager delivers a wider range of metrics for even more in depth analytics – giving you better visibility on the performance of your campaigns and audience insights.

About Mitchell Stuart and Jane Cooper

Mitchell Stuart is the Founder and Managing Director of Inferno Media where is joined by experienced Social Media Consultant Jane Cooper. Inferno Media is a leading social media agency based in Bournemouth founded by Mitchell at the age of 19 who is an active supporter of startups having been a mentor on the StartUp Britain Bus in July 2016, he a board member for the Institute of Directors Dorset Branch and continues to receive support from the Empact Ventures Growth Studio and Virgin Startup.