123 Reg launches free online business training

This summer 123 Reg are delighted to be taking part in the Startup Britain UK tour. We’re only a couple of weeks in and have already spoken to hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs the length of the UK.

From local market stalls to mobile applications; from Brighton to Aberdeen; there’s been a huge variety of growing businesses on board. Some ask about how to build a website; others want to know more about social media. But there’s a single drive that binds them all.

The need to learn.

Startups and small businesses want to find out how to grow their business online. And 123 Reg is 100% focused on helping them.

We already do this with Start Up Britain. We also run many events throughout the year. We have a blog packed with 100s of in depth guides; videos and webinars, all focused on helping anyone start and grow their business online.

And now we’ve launched our free Online Business Training.

Watch this to find out more

At 123 Reg we believe everyone should be able to put his or her business online.

With Online Business Training from 123 Reg you can learn how to succeed online. You can take our courses without paying anything at all

The courses were written and produce by our own experts. They’re the techniques we use at 123 Reg. We’re passing on our experience to your business.

Ranging from 6 to 14 minutes, our In-depth lessons are 100% focused on helping your small business.

They’re perfect for busy owners. Watch when you’ve got time. Dip in and out at your own pace, to fit in with your schedule

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been online for years, our courses will help you create your website, engage with your customers, and increase your visitors.

Designing & building your website

Your website is the centre of your online business. Make sure you get the right name; find out which design best suits your brand; learn how to get your website built. We’ll also show you how to understand who is your website, and what they are trying to do.

Getting more customers and visitors

A beautiful website means nothing without visitors, so find out how to get some! We’ll teach you the five essential steps to SEO success; how content marketing can grow your business, and how to maximise the impact of Pay-per-click, social and display advertising.

Engaging with your current customers

The Internet has sparked a revolution in how businesses connect with their existing customers. Find out how email marketing can build consistent loyalty and repeat purchases. We’ll teach you how social media can help you foster prosperous relationships with your customers.

Want to learn how to get and grow your business online? Check out the 123 Reg Online Business Training now.

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